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Oil Industry Uses Less than Two Percent of Oklahoma’s Water

oil industry

oil industry

Texas Energy Mutual LLC is a Texas-based independent oil and gas company. Texas Energy Mutual LLC has operations throughout Texas and Oklahoma and keeps a careful watch on drought conditions and water consumption in those states.

Adam Wilmoth of the Oklahoman reports that the oil industry uses less than 2 percent of Oklahoma’s water, despite the increased drilling in the state. While this number is projected to grow over the next few decades, some experts predict that the technology will become more efficient, keeping the overall water use relatively low.

Despite using less water than many industries, oil companies are still exploring options for reducing or eliminating water use. Innovations in drilling technologies could have significant impacts on water use. For instance, some Oklahoma energy firms are using a type of recycled water to reduce costs. Known as produced, or fossil, water, the water is a remnant of ancient oceans and contains more salt than seawater. The process has become less expensive and allows energy companies to use less water.