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The Salvation Army Responds to East Texas Flooding


Salvation Army Image: en.wikipedia.org

Salvation Army
Image: en.wikipedia.org

A Grapevine, Texas-based oil and gas company, Texas Energy Mutual, LLC, boasts a history of successful exploration and development projects in both Texas and Oklahoma. The company’s interests also extend to its community, so Texas Energy Mutual contributes to the Salvation Army. This organization has been offering diverse services throughout the world since 1852, including disaster relief.

After dramatic flooding killed at least six people in east Texas in late April/early May 2016, local divisions of the Salvation Army responded quickly. The region also experienced multiple tornadoes during the same period.

The group is equipped to offer supplies, emotional and spiritual care, disaster-related social services, access to their expansive emergency radio network, and long-term recovery strategies during and after events like these. Following the Texas disaster, the Salvation Army teamed up with NFL running back Adrian Peterson to distribute $100,000 in his hometown of Palestine, Texas. The group also set up a dedicated website for flood and tornado relief donations: donate.salvationarmyusa.org/texas/texas-dhq/disaster/texas-flood-tornado-relief. The Salvation Army commits 100 percent of donated funds directly to relief efforts.