Freeing Child Soldiers in Africa

Children, Not Soldiers Campaign pic

Children, Not Soldiers Campaign

With over 150 years of combined experience in the energy industry among its personnel, Texas Energy Mutual, LLC, enjoys considerable success through its extensive research and innovation. This success enables Texas Energy Mutual to support an array of charitable causes, including Invisible Children, which seeks to end the forced recruitment of child soldiers in central Africa.

The United Nations likewise targets this atrocity with the Children, Not Soldiers campaign. Awareness of the issue developed following a special report to the UN in 1996 by Graça Machel, entitled “Impact of Armed Conflict on Children.” In the subsequent years, the UN passed multiple resolutions to research, create awareness of, and end this practice. One such resolution culminated in Children, Not Soldiers, which launched in 2014. The result was eight countries signing a UN Action Plan to end the recruitment of children within their borders. A Special Representative to the UN provides an update to the Security Council and General Assembly on a yearly basis.


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